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how can your current families can

mean future business for you?

By continuing the relationship with your families.

Developing a relationship with your families

 starts with your first contact.  And developing that personal relationship

is good for business.  That’s where we can help.

· Heartfelt thank you cards

· Inspiring follow up cards

· Holiday cards

All custom designed, personalized and mailed on your behalf.

Trust, confidence and a sense of being “part of the family” will inspire

 your families to recommend you to their friends.

The greatest resource of any business is their existing customers. 

Nurturing relationships with them

will result in increased at need and pre-need referrals.

· A personal relationship with your families

· Increased “at need” and “pre-need” referrals

· An accurate database for future marketing

Finding new business with the people who already

know you.  That’s a sound strategy and smart business.

  *Professionally Designed Cards

 *  Dozens of custom graphics to choose from

*  Select from our choices for wording or feel free to write your own

*  Personalized with the customer's name in the card

 *  All postage and mailing costs included

 *  Cards from $2.25 including first class postage

*  We do all the work, you just provide us with names and addresses